SotD Winchester gun

I can haz fame?

Not really, but evidently the Google image search for "sam and dean winchester fan art" pops up the EoW entry "Newbie" as the first result. Also typing in "encyclopedia of weirdness" pops up this community as the first result. Yay! Makes me want to draw again.

Also, I have semi been copied, but I won't link to that. I think it was an honest mistake.

Oh, wells. How's everyone been doing? I miss yous.
EoW Dean with Halo + Horns

Wallpaper preview

See? I AM working. At times. And with lots of breaks.

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John's gonna be behind them, then Bobby at the far right. The middle and left are filled with more characters. Lilith will be pulling at Dean's pant leg. Castiel hovers above them, wings outstretched. On the left, the YED will be smirking over Andy, while the Trickster lights a match right underneath Andy's butt. The suicidal teddy bear sits in the corner with a shotgun in his mouth. The Ghostfacers huddle behind YED, puzzling over an EMF, and agent henrickson is on the far left. Ellen and Ash sit in the middle of the pic, Ash looking quizzidly at the YED.

But for now you just get lineart of The Boys and S3!Ruby.

SotD Winchester Tavern sign

OMG voting.

*dusts off cobwebs* Wow. This place is STALE. My bad.


I am planning on making a wallpaper with SPN characters in EoW form. I don't think I can fit them all, but you can force me to by VOTING. And tell me who I forgot. I'm sure I'll forget. *-_-

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Born to Raise Hell


Hello all!

I know I haven't posted anything in months, due to some craptastic personal shit. I appreciate all the messages ya'll have been sending me, and all the support I have gotten, and believe me, the guilt from not posting anything in the EoW - as well as that lovely sense of accomplishment that goes along with finishing something every week - has been there in full force.

I'm sure once I sort everything out...well, when I sort most of it out (realist, I am) then I will push in some time for the EoW to start up again.

Again, thank-you all for the tremendous support. I love ya'll!