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Encyclopedia of Weirdness: Supernatural Fan Comic
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Encyclopedia of Weirdness: A Weekly Supernatural Fan Comic
Welcome ya'll! Updates are on Holy Thursdays.

Current Entries: Sweatshirt, Spring Cleaning, Thanksgiving, Newbie, Catharsis, Phobia, Rudolph, Pie, Sharpie, Boy Scouts, Brother, Thinking Cap, Weather, Holy Water, Chick-flick Moment, Fanservice, Lie, Leprechaun, Addiction, Corporeal, Parody, Mothman, Tendency, Vacation, Job Hunting, Taste, Travel, Reaction, Prank, Sasquatch, Shop, Necronomicon, Caffeine, Post-it, Curse, Djinn, Coffin, Cleaner, Night-light, Olympic Games, S'more, Crossover, Psychic, Coverage, Training, Internet, Anticipatory Socialization, Facund, Tutelary, Cocktail Party

The main logo's speech bubble changes every week, rotating between suggestions by viewers. Comment with your suggestion in response to any comic.

Week 1: "This is why you don't drive, dude." by kentawolf (Me!)
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Week 49: "You're psychic and you take me HERE?" by kentawolf

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EoW Flash Game: "Blood Alley"

News and general information about the Encyclopedia of Weirdness Flash Game.
Release date for Episode 1, Act 1 ("Blood Alley: Motel California"): September 2008.
10th-Oct-2008 10:49 pm - Internet
lowered head of shame
HEADS-UP: This is a rare departure from a Normal EoW comic. (Hell, sometimes I need to do something different.) This is FIVE pages, but not filled with comic. I know, that sounds confusing. Just click and see. And I warn: it's FIVE HUGE IMAGES.
WARNING: SPOILERS! SPOILERS! for all U.S.-aired episodes

And now I give you: What if Supernatural were a forum post?
(yes, you heard me correctly)
Internet: (noun) A web of information...Collapse )

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