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encycl_of_weird's Journal

Encyclopedia of Weirdness: Supernatural Fan Comic
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A Weekly Supernatural Fan Comic
From the pen of a very tired fan with a need to draw the Winchesters in comic form comes the weekly-updated Supernatural fan comic strip! Ta-dah!

Ideas are appreciated, and the speech balloon in the logo is changed weekly to rotate between suggestions by viewers, so feel free to suggest a line!

The Encyclopedia of Weirdness Point-and-Click Flash Adventure Game For the Web:
"Blood Alley"

"Motel California"
Act I, Episode 1
Percent Complete: 40%

Play as the Winchester brothers as you lead them through a hunt! Gather clues, interrogate witnesses, shoot shit that's coming at you all like "ROWR"!

And, you know. All that EoW cookiness and tongue-in-cheek humor. (I will try to throw in a unicorn, I promise.)

It's a slow project, because the two programmers and I have it on a casual schedule to accommodate, ya'know, like...lives, but we're committed and I can say for sure that they are talented!

Will update as updates surface!